Bigland Boy on “the racism of the Bengali sheep who cried Pakistani oppression”

Bigland Boy has a missive directed at those worthy “anti-Pakistan ” and so called “anti-Bengali racism” merchants who intentionally occlude the issues of calls for genocide against Muslim women and Muslim minorities in non Muslim-majority societies and countries which they live in but are not accepted as fully part of because of their colour (and never will be). The treatment of religious Muslims in Bangali societies, Bangali imperialism and trenchant racism directed at non-Bengalis are inconvenient facts which do not fit into the, essentially, racist and reductionist point of view of the “ Bengali sheep who cried Pakistani oppression”.

There’s a bee in my bonnet. Let’s talk about the racism of the Bengali sheep who cried Pakistani oppression.

I’m tired of a certain faction of Apostate Muslims, especially Faisal Gazi, Esplaining about how the 1971 war and West Pakistani ” colonialism and imperialism” provide *essential context* for understanding the sources of Bengali problems, which don’t come from a vacuum, how there are striking *parallels* between liberal critique of Bangali fascism and right-wing anti-Bengali bigotry.

Hey guy, I had no idea that you had such an adept understanding of what it’s like to live in a Bengali culture under the influence of the effects Hindu colonialism and international Aid agencies geopolitics. Please, tell me more, Bengsplain to me, oh Awami Leaguer, how West Pakistani imperialism is responsible for me being forced to learn and speak the ugly Bengali ‘language’ for 15 years, suffering Hindu inspired dowry murder and female infanticide, and living a dangerous double life until my escape to the West. Please condescendingly explain to me in the terms of your own culture where my oppression *really* comes from.

Look, I’m not denying that West Pakistani prejudice and geopolitics certainly help this ish along, often significantly. I’m not denying that anti-Muslim bigotry is a pervasive and significant problem. But those things are not an *explanation*. They are contributing factors at best that neither sufficiently explain nor excuse the blatant transgressions of Bangladeshi Awami League nationalists and the horrible conditions in ‘Bangladesh’. There is also an ironic lack of focus on Hindu imperialism and the manner in which Hinduism has been reified, propagated, and been used to justify horrors in Bangladesh *far preceding* the Pakistanis dipping its fingers into that ‘basket case‘. Sorry to strip you of credit for this, really, but it’s not the Pakistanis that created the dehumanizing elements of Bengali cultures. There is also ironic lack of focus on the booming (essentially) slave trade disguised as a marriage system exploiting Bengali women and the human trafficking that is utterly normalized in backwards Bengal culture. This isn’t some big bad monster wrought by the damning hand of Arab imperialism and anti-Bengali bigotry. It has well transcended reasonable standards of the acceptable under those constraints, and the prevalence of normalized oppressive sentiment is not some fringe side effect of the injustices of Arab or Pakistani men. Growing up in Bengali culture, it was plain to see how West Pakistani discrimination helped fuel the return to fundamentalist Bengali nationalism, but it hardly exonerates us Bengali mashups from responsibility for the decisions we’ve made since then, for our violence and bigotry, for the culture of control and oppression and we’ve rooted ourselves into in response to these problems. Surely it doesn’t come from a vacuum, but you might have to live and be socialized in a Bengali country under the effects of such imperialism to recognize how fully much of it comes from ourselves, how essentialized scripture and deeply-rooted Bengali racist superiority  fuel Bengali nationalism and the grave and rote dehumanization built into our barbaric Hindu culture.

Sorry, but the Pakistanis can’t take credit for this too.

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