Heil Harry !

It’s July the 11th the anniversary of the worst massacre in Europe since WWII in Srebrenica when the Bosnian Serbs carried out the Spittoon/Harry’s Place plan to make Conditions for Muslims in Europe harder across the board.

So to celebrate were doing a caption competition feauturing an appropriatedly ‘tached Spittoon boss David ‘some of my best friends are Muslim’ Toube who, as well as supporting the right of Muslims to defend other Muslims from Genocide ,has also raised awareness in the right wing press about Muslim community activities as well as written numerous articles attacking Muslims. Despite all this some still claim he is an anti-Muslim bigot!


Captions please.

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10 Responses to Heil Harry !

  1. Ali says:

    Is that a Hamas rocket in the sky?? Not to worry Faisal Gazi and his monkey-faced wife Leesa Gazi will act like Iron Domes to protect our promised playground Israel: home of child murderers and child abusers.

    Hail Netanyahu the new Hitler – history really does repeat itself when you’re having fun.


  2. qidniz says:

    ‘The Paris Mosque saved Jews during the Holocaust but when the upcoming genocide of Muslims in Europe takes place we at Harrys Place will be helping hunt Muslims down!!”


  3. dawood says:

    Gazi: ”David why do you spend all your spare time attacking Islam and Muslims. What about learning your own religion instead?”
    Toube ”Have you ever read the Talmud? It’s complete bullshit!!!”


  4. Zionazi says:

    ”Israel kills hundred of Palestinian children” ”Ah well…what can you do”
    ”Someone posted a mildly anti-israel comment on twitter” ”Outrage! this must be banned !..Mr Cameron!…Home Secretary!!””


  5. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”I smoke because I am hoping for an early death. Just like my grandparents who died from smoking in Poland in the 1940s”


  6. Raped Bosnian Woman says:

    ”I loudly demand Muslims condemn terrorist attacks carried out by fringe groups but you will never hear me condemn any Israeli terror”



  7. Nissim Sean Carmeli, International terrorist says:

    ” I published loads of articles attacking fringe Muslims who say they will follow their religious laws over British law…but never say a word about Israhell following religious law over international law by building settlements”


  8. Jaipal says:

    ”I demand Muslims criticise every facet of Islam and Muslim behaviour yet I will never ever say a word about Israel’s crimes!!!”


  9. Yarden UK says:

    My lover Faisal Gazi the Muslim Zionist should be flying over from Auschwitz today – that must be his aeroplane in the sky right now. It’s a good thing gorgeous Faisal his left his monkey faced wife Leesa Gazi at home with the kids. Now we can both really be ourselves, hold hands, go clubbing wearing hot pants and get freaky on the beaches we stole from those Palestinians beggars. Long live homo-Zionists !


  10. Raped Bosnian Woman says:

    David Toube: the man who puts the Nazi into Ashkenazi !


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