Gazi’s Gaza Gap

It’s been THE big story in the news at the moment. Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent women and children.

So what has been Al Spittoon’s response? Zero articles. Though to be fair it HAS published an article on ”When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism” (though naturally NOT Zionist fundamentalism we hasten to add!!).

The authoritative source on the site the Powerbase has further explanation:

The Spittoon is a blog with links to various neoconservative outfits which focuses on Islam. Its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is notable for a hardline rejectionist position which is to the right of the international consensus and even Israeli public opinion.

As it notes: ”Though The Spittoon tries to present a liberal image, this is not so clear from its attitude toward Israel-Palestine.”

Zionist Orientation

Though The Spittoon tries to present a liberal image, this is not so clear from its attitude toward Israel-Palestine. As of 5 January 2010, it has 13 articles filed under “Israel/Palestine” and 29 under “Human Rights”. None of them has anything to say about Palestinian rights; most of them attack people who support Palestinian rights. There is nothing on the website that shows whether it accepts the the international consensus on the conflict enshrined in International Law. Its co-editor Faisal Gazi also joined the Zionist right to allege that the activists murdered by Israeli forces on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla were ‘linked to terrorism.'[35] Indeed, from its various posts on the conflict the implied position is closer to that of the Zionist right. While the website has on several occasions shown concern for the well-being of “innocent Israelis”[36][37][38], as of 6 January 2010 it has yet to make a single reference to “innocent Palestinians”, the foremost victims of the conflict. The only times Palestinians are mentioned in the role of victims is in the context of a report on right-wing settler death threats against Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.[39] The website has also channelled the rightwing of the Israel lobby in denouncing Caryl Churchill’s acclaimed play Seven Jewish Children as ‘dodgy’ (with a link to Harry’s Place).[40]

Greater Israel

The website seems to accept Israeli claims to all of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As mentioned above it published a post from Harry’s Place criticizing the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Muslim Association of Britain for demanding that Israeli tourism ads in London not display the Occupied Palestinian Territories as belonging to Israel.[41] (These claims are maintained only by a right-wing fringe in Israel, and by the neocons). Likewise, the website also describes as ‘bonkers’ a petition (started by American Jewish activist Anna Baltzer) which calls on Facebook to prevent Israeli settlers living in the illegally occupied West Bank from choosing ‘Israel’ as the place of residence in their profiles. In other words, for demanding that the occupied territories be correctly identified as the occupied territories.[42]

The Antisemitism Card

On 22 December 2009 it attacked the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Islamic Human Rights Commission for holding a demonstration outside the JNF conference. It filed the entry under ‘anti-Semitism’ without actually reporting any incident or uttering that would merit the charge. The implication here is that protesting the JNF–an organization the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe has described as “a colonialist agency of ethnic cleansing”[43]–is in itself anti-semitic. The bloggers compensate for the absence of evidence or argument with a string of abuse: the protesters they tell readers were ‘menopausal cranks’ and ‘impressionable children’.

While beyond innuendo the post presents no argument as to why it considers the protest against the JNF anti-Semitic, two exclusions offer a useful insight into its methods. The post mentions the IHRC and the PSC as the organizers of the protest which it describes as ‘Hamas-inspired’. Yet, here is from the same Jewish Chronicle report that it references:
Around 100 demonstrators from groups including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and the Islamic Human Rights Commission protested outside the hotel, disrupting delegates’ attempts to enter the conference.[44]
It also approvingly mentions that two protesters were ejected by the CST after causing disruption at the event, yet it carfully elides a key detail. The Jewicsh Chronicle again:

Anti-Israel protestors caused severe disruption at a major JNF conference on Sunday, with two Jewish demonstrators carried out of the hall after screaming insults at Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor.[45]
The website employs the standard conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism to smear critics of Israel and the Israel lobby. Its definition of anti-Semitism is so lax that in one instance it uses as its evidence a book review[46] in which the reviewer repeats the fact mentioned in the book and confirmed by the organization’s website that the Save Darfur Coalition was established by the joint efforts of the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Jewish World Service. [47].

Disdain for International Law

The website also posted with approval an announcement by Palestinian-American comedian Ray Hanania claiming to be running for the president of the Palestinian authority on a platform that rejects UNGAR 194 guaranteeing the Palestinian refugees right of return; equates Palestinian resistance with Isareli settler violence (not with violence of the state); asks Hamas to surrender its weapons and thereby the right to resist military occupation guaranteed it in the Geneva Conventions; ignores UNSC 242 and 338, and the ICJ decision which declared all Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories illegal; expresses its tolerance for the illegal separation wall; and implicitly equates the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians with the Jewish emigration from Arab states. Spittoon contributor bananarabian declares himself broadly sympathetic to all of the proposals, particularly one about compensating Jewish emigres from Arab lands in a manner similar to the Palestinians expelled from the occupied lands. Rightwing Zionists have long tried to draw parallels between the two situations to absolve Israel of its obligations under International law.[48] The website also equates support for Palestinian armed resistance (a right guaranteed to all occupied peoples under International Law) with advocating ‘violent Jihad’. [49]

In response to Peter Oborne’s Channel 4 documentary about the Israel Lobby, the blog posted a response which mostly excerpted a Community Security Trust (CST) blogpost.[50] In the documentary Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian publisher, had recounted being rebuked harshly by Gerald Ronson, the head of CST, for publishing an article critical of Israel.[51]



No Public Demonstrations against the genocide of Palestinians for me!

No Public Demonstrations against the genocide of Arabs for me!

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