Faisal of Arabia

So El Spittoon has FINALLY responded to the crisis in the Middle East with a post : ”Why do Syrian and Iraqi deaths no longer matter?”

Yes that’s right folks Faisal Gazi is upset about the deaths of Arabs in Syria and Iraq.
This Faisal Gazi

With typical whataboutery Gazi asks why people (Muslims) are focusing on the deaths in Palestine when far more are being killed in Iraq and Syria. A fair point- of course Mr Gazi rarely mentions the (alleged) deaths of many Bengalis in the 1971 war while he has consistantly posted about the far greater number of deaths in the more recent Congo civil war (over 6 million killed). (We jest of course).

Gazi continually emphasises the justice of the cause of Bengali Nationalism by pointing out that the Awami League was democratically elected in 1970 before the Pakistani army action against it. Yet our lover of democracy will not extend the same to Hamas who the people of Gaza democratically elected.

So what makes whats happening in Gaza different from Syria and Iraq? Well Syria and Iraq are CIVIL wars where two fairly equal sides are fighting each other. Gaza however is not- it is a genocide where one side (Israel) has enormous fire power while the other side (the Palestinians) have none.

Much like TE Lawrence, Gazi is posing as a friend of Arabs while being the opposite. Al Spitton’s new found concern for Arab Muslims in Iraq and Syria is order to deflect criticism away from the holocaust against women and children being perpetrated by the Israelis.

And of course while Gazi opposed the invasion of Iraq, it and the chaos that country has fallen into, which he complains of, are the fault of his fellow neo-cons.


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One Response to Faisal of Arabia

  1. Wasfia says:

    We should catalogue the deaths of ants, flies and locusts too. It’s only right.


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