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The Commercialisation of the 1971 war

It’s Christmas! The time of year when a festival nominally invented to celebrate the life of one of the greatest ascetics who ever lived , Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), loved not just by Christians  but also Muslims  (though … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Pakistani Army

As the Pakistani Army bravely fights terrorists intent on murdering civilians and destroying their state it is important to remember that we have been here before: The 16 December marks the anniversary of the end of the Pakistani army’s first … Continue reading

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Why are the drums so silent?

or It’s all gone quiet over there! What IS up at Al Spittoon?  It’s last post was on July 28th , nearly five months ago, and it’s been flooded with spam comments. We at Spittoon Watch soldier on however. Music … Continue reading

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Free Speech won’t dominate ‘Bangladesh’

All May Speak Their Minds! So claimed Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi publically Though as we know Mr Gazi is a complete hypocrite who has a long record of stifiling speech he doesnt like. Because you see Mr Gazi’s view of freedom … Continue reading

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Mujib ‘illegal’ PM in 1972

A welcome admission from the secularist Daily Star  which has featured ‘articles’ by Spittoon head honcho Faisal Gazi.   Mujib ‘illegal’ PM in 1972 Tarique gives another twist to history Staff Correspondent In yet another demonstration of his creative imagination, BNP … Continue reading

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