Free Speech won’t dominate ‘Bangladesh’

All May Speak Their Minds!

So claimed Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi publically


Though as we know Mr Gazi is a complete hypocrite who has a long record of stifiling speech he doesnt like.

Because you see Mr Gazi’s view of freedom of speech means the right to abuse Muslims and criticise Islam. It does not  include attacking his sacred cows, such as the belief that the Pakistani army and it’s anti-Nazi allies committed genocide during it’s 1971 war on terror in East Pakistan.

And the Awami NaziLeague government in ‘Bangladesh’ feels just the same.

It has jailed a Journalist David Bergman for merely doubting it’s religious belief that 3 million died in 1971.

Bangladesh court convicts British journalist for doubting war death toll

David Bergman found guilty of contempt by war crimes judges who say that his writings had ‘hurt the feelings of the nation’
David Bergman
British journalist David Bergman was ordered to pay a 5,000 taka (£41) fine or go to prison for a week. Photograph: AM Ahad/AP

A court in Bangladesh has found a British journalist guilty of contempt for questioning the official death toll in the country’s 1971 independence war.

Judges from a special war crimes court on Tuesday ruled that a blog and two other articles written by David Bergman “hurt the feelings of the nation” and ordered him to pay a 5,000 taka (£41) fine or go to prison for a week.

The case was seen as a test of the country’s commitment to free speech after Bergman cast doubt on the official version of one of the most contentious issues in Bangladesh’s short history.

In a November 2011 post, he questioned whether there was evidence to support the 3 million official death toll and referred to other studies suggesting the real figure may be much lower.

Most independent estimates put the actual toll at hundreds of thousands.

Delivering the verdict in the capital, Dhaka, the presiding judge Obaidul Hassan told the court that “freedom of expression can be exercised in good faith and public interest. David Bergman neither has good faith nor an issue of public interest.”

The judges also ordered that the 49-year-old journalist, who writes for the Daily Telegraph, remain in the courtroom until they left their seats, in a symbolic imprisonment.

Bergman said he was shocked and that the ruling was a matter of “great concern to those interested in freedom of speech and the proper scrutiny of state institutions”.

He added: “It is likely to make it increasingly difficult for journalists and others to comment on judicial proceedings and judgments in Bangladesh, even when those proceedings are completed.”

The international crimes tribunal, a domestic court that has found several top opposition leaders guilty of mass murder during the war, also asked the government to investigate Bergman’s reporting on its work.

“He has a perverse mindset about the 1971 war. Let the government carefully scan the matter,” said Hassan.

Bangladesh’s prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has justified the trials on the grounds that the scale of bloodshed in the 1971 war of secession from Pakistan demands that perpetrators be brought to justice, even four decades later.

But critics say her government has deliberately exaggerated the death toll to intimidate her opponents and counter foreign unease about a trial process lacking any international oversight.

We await the public protests at this outrageous attack on free speech by Faisal Gazi and his fellow travellers at Harrys Place!  Sure that will happen real soon!

''It's only free speech when it attacks Muslims"

”It’s only free speech when it attacks Muslims”

 Bangladesh: Conviction of Journalist Chills Speech

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