The Commercialisation of the 1971 war

It’s Christmas! The time of year when a festival nominally invented to celebrate the life of one of the greatest ascetics who ever lived , Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), loved not just by Christians  but also Muslims  (though not so much by Jews), has turned into an orgy of consumption.

But it’s not just pagan holidays that have become commercialised. Even as serious an issue as Genocide has.
So for example the Holocaust has , in the words of well known Jewish heretic Norman Finklestein, turned into an industry.

Now while the holocaust undeniably happened, even false genocides such as the mythical 1971 genocide in ‘Bangladesh‘ have also become commercialised in that land, as the adverts from below show.






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1 Response to The Commercialisation of the 1971 war

  1. Anonymous says:

    Faisal Gazi has no shame. He will answer to God on judgement day for his utter disrespect for human suffering


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