A Right Charlie!

It’s been THE big news topic of the moment. The shocking murder of journalists in France.

They were ostentisibly killed because they mocked the Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him).

As well as a huge protest march in France the attack has galvanised Muslim haters into attacking Islam and Muslims.

Astonishingly Spittoon, always ready to insult Islam and the blessed Prophet  and demonise Muslims, have not published a single article about this momentous event !

This contrasts heavily with how it responded to the last major event of this kind in Europe. The Danish cartoons fiasco of 2005. Then Faisal Gazi appeared in public to support the cartoonists:


He even gave a speech against the backdrop of cartoons of the Prophet

So why on earth have they been so silent this time, when an even greater event has occurred? Could it be because of the free speech hypocrisy that this site has exposed? Maybe….

Whatever the case may be, we here at Spittoon Watch believe passionately in Free Speech even if it hurts the feelings of others. So we have decided to reprint the image that offended so many and that they tried to ban:


















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3 Responses to A Right Charlie!

  1. Faisal Behring Breivik says:



  2. Sacre Bleu says:

    A female Muslim wearing a Burkini on the beach! Ban her NOW in the holy name of secularism.


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Srya looks OK in this pic have you seen her latest ones? She’s turning into a dog ! Woof! Perhaps she is Gazi’s after all !!!!


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