Tulips from Hampstead-dam

It’s been election time in the UK. No doubt to the delight of the neo-cons at Al Spittoon the Conservatives have been returned with a majority .

But for us Spittoon Watchers though the most interesting contest was in Hampstead and Kilburn which pitted eventual winner,the lovely Tulip Siddiq, granddaughter of the founder of ‘Bangladesh’ Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman , Spittoon favourite Maajid Nawaz, and UKIP’s Magnus Nielsen, Spittoon-like in his love for Islam.

So where else could we have as our Election caption competition? Our first pic features two of those ‘Muslim’ PPC’s caught behaving badly Tulip and Maajid


While in the second Magnus has managed to squeeze himself between the two, in what looks like a really fun evening at Church:

Captions please.

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2 Responses to Tulips from Hampstead-dam

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Maaj: ”Hey Tulip here’s a fiver..will you do a sexy dance for me?”

    Tulip: ” Eff off Maaj! With my family history I’ll never be a whore to any Pakistani…We only enslave ourselves to our Indian masters!””


  2. Khaleda says:

    Tulip Shitdick: This bible thing they handed me weaves together the Awami Rapists’ League constitution and the Labour Party manifesto effortlessly. Although, I can’t stop thinking about hot Nandos exploding inside me and sticking one up my fake muslim husband Christian Percy when I get home. I will be the best MP of Bangla bongo bongo land ever.

    Majid Nawaz: I’m so alpha, I can smell a whore from here… shes “culturally muslim”, Birangona like my uncles use to remember and… erm… loves chicken?


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