Debunking ‘Bangladeshi’ Nationalists’ 1971 Myths

As the Secular Fascist regime  in ‘Bangladesh’ creates another martyr over the alleged atrocities during the 1971 anti-terrorist action, what better time than to publish an article debunking the myths that have led to the callous murder of a  much loved 72 year old grandfather:

Debunking Bangladeshi Nationalists’ 1971 Myths

Aided and abetted by the Indian and western media, the Bangladeshi Nationalists led by the Awami League have concocted and promoted elaborate myths about the events surrounding Pakistan’s defeat in December 1971.

Pakistan’s Lt Gen Niazi Surrenders to Indian Army Dec, 1971

Sheikh Mujib’s daughter and current Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina alleges “colonial exploitation” of Bengalis by Pakistan and “Bengali genocide” by the Pakistan Army. They claim economic disparities between East and West Pakistan as the main cause of their “war of independence” in which “Pakistan Army killed 3 million Bangladeshis”.

Let’s examine the Bangladeshi claims on the basis of real facts and data known today as follows:

1. The per capita income in West Pakistan was 60% higher than in East Pakistan in 1971. But they never tell you that the per capita income in East Pakistan was higher than in West Bengal and India. They also don’t tell you that the ratio of per capita incomes between Bangladesh and Pakistan has changed little in the last four decades since “independence’.

Per Capita Incomes Source: World Bank

2.  Bangladeshi nationalists claims that “three million people were killed, nearly quarter million women were raped“. These claims have failed the scrutiny of the only serious scholarly researcher Sarmila Bose ever done into the subject.  Bose’s investigation of the 1971 Bangladeshi narrative began when she saw a picture of the Jessore massacre of April 2, 1971. It showed “bodies lie strewn on the ground. All are adult men, in civilian clothes….The caption of the photo is just as grim as its content: “April 2, 1971: Genocide by the Pakistan Occupation Force at Jessore.”  Upon closer examination, Bose found that “some of the Jessore bodies were dressed in shalwar kameez ‘ an indication that they were either West Pakistanis or ‘Biharis’, the non-Bengali East Pakistanis who had migrated from northern India”. In Bose’s book “Dead Reckoning” she has done case-by-case body count estimates that lead her in the end to estimate that between 50,000 and 100,000 people were killed on all sides, including Bengalis, Biharis, West Pakistanis and others, in 1971 war.

3. Dr. M. Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury, a Bengali nationalist who actively participated in the separatist cause, in his publication “Behind the Myth of 3 Million“, challenges the falsehood. Citing an extensive range of sources to show that what the Pakistani army was carrying out in East Pakistan was a limited counter-insurgency, not genocide, the scholar discloses that after the creation of Bangladesh, the new de facto government offered to pay Taka 2,000 to every family that suffered loss of life but only 3,000 families claimed such compensation. Had there been three million Bengalis dead, a lot more of such families would have come forward. The actual fighting force of Pakistan was 40,000 not 93,000. They were given the responsibility to maintain law and order and protect civilians from the India-backed insurgents of Mukti Bahini. India’s Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw praised the professionalism and gallantry of Pakistani soldiers facing the Indian Army’s 50:1 advantage in the 1971 war.

Recent books and speeches by Indian officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modiand ex top RAW officials, confirm what Pakistanis have known all along: India orchestrated the East Pakistan insurgency and then invaded East Pakistan to break up Pakistan in December 1971.

Here’s a video of Indian Army Chief Field Marshal Manekshaw talking about Pakistan Army in 1971 War:

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw on Pakistan Army’s gallantry in 1971 War fromcherie22579 on Vimeo.

What Happened in East Pakistan (Yuri Bezmenov Former KGB Psychological Warfare Expert). Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB Psychological Warfare Expert Explains What Happened in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) in This Video

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