To be a Pilgrim

It is the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah and as millions of Muslims make the holy obligatory pilgrimage to Makkah to visit the Kaaba and maybe kiss the black stone . Spitoon’s Faisal Gazi is likewise making a trip obligated by his religion of Bengali nationalism, to visit his Idol of stone  Rabinder Tagore.



A candidate for stoning ?

Captions please


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5 Responses to To be a Pilgrim

  1. Faisal Wanabe Hindu says:

    ” Labbayk Rabinder my God! I beg you please please make it that I never have to go back to that shithole known as ‘Bangladesh”’


  2. Nobody Wanabee Bangali says:

    The neo-con whore meets Tagore !


  3. Mir Jafar says:

    ”Oh my god Tagore please help! My children don’t even speak proper Bangla -only English”

    ”Good . Bengali is a shit useless language in this day and age. Oh and they are not your children”


  4. Gazi’s BJP Hindu brethren have been attacking Tagore for being ‘anti Hindu’

    These trolls have spread all over social media with their propaganda. Memes demanding that the writings of poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta should be banned because he had converted to Christianity, married a foreigner and ‘insulted Rama’, were followed by memes which declared Tagore as ‘characterless,’ ‘anti-Hindu’ and a ‘pimp of the seculars and the British’.

    On the other hand, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay – who in reality wrote ‘Bande Mataram’ while thinking of Bengal – is being eulogised as a ‘true Hindu’ who ‘should have received the Nobel Prize’, but was denied it because “he spoke the truth”. The fact that Bankim had died before the Nobel Prizes began is a small matter that is conveniently ignored. All this is being done to ‘awake Hindu Bengalis’, asking them to know their ‘true history’.

    An organisation calling itself the ‘All India Fish Protection Committee’ has emerged on social media, threatening Bengalis who eat fish. Religion is invoked by mentioning Matsya, one of the ten avatars of Vishnu. To most Bengalis, all this is very comical. Some have responded that the silvery Hilsa in the memes is perfect to be converted into a nice, smoked fish.

    But beyond all this humour, something serious – and worrying – is brewing. For many Bengalis, this goes beyond resisting a political party; now it is a matter of preserving the liberal culture of Bengal from the assault of the conservative Hindustani cow belt culture. On Saturday, the state BJP president Dilip Ghosh – an MLA from Kharagpur – at a seminar at the Jadavpur University declared that he would lead a Ram Navami rally on April 5 with tridents and swords. Ram Navami celebration is a recent import into the state and the worship of Ram is not popular in Bengal, like it is in North India. Many are seeing this publicly announced rally – with swords and tridents – as a ploy to impose Hindustani cow belt culture on the liberal fabric of Bengal. Many Bengalis are offended and appalled at this attempt at socio-cultural engineering. A Hindu identity is being hammered into the minds to polarise people.


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