Birds of a Feather ….

Following the shock election of Donald Trump reaction from the Muslim world has been understandably negative .  It’s not just Muslims who are appalled by a fascist  becoming president – even the ambassador of Secular France tweeted this.

However the leader of one Muslim nation DID congratulate Mr Trump in true fawning style. Guess who ?

Why on earth would the nationalist leader of a proud independent nation such as ‘Bangladesh’ write such a fawning letter to a Bideshi leader?


trump-bangladesh-shirt-2-1Of course Sheikh Hasina is the authentic voice of Bengali Muslims !

Compare this fawning letter from the leader of East Pakistan to the dignified message from the leader of West Pakistan , Nawaz Sharif.

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One Response to Birds of a Feather ….

  1. Fukhti Bahini says:

    This is what our brave warriors fought for in 1971! For Bangladesh to be a slave sweat shop for the West !


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