Neo Conned

As Donald Trump fills his cabinet with their members the neo-cons must be celebrating


Captions Please

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15 Responses to Neo Conned

  1. Raped Bosnian Woman says:

    ”Whoo hoo ! Our Man Trump’s been elected … let the blood of Muslims flow!!!!”


  2. Fukin Fakin Fagin says:

    ”You gotta pick a pocket or two boys”


  3. Spittoon wash? Interesting. Do you do the crappers as well?
    By the look of that site it looks like the answer must be positive.


  4. Gilad says:

    “”Its so discriminatory that Saudi Arabia bans non Muslims from Mecca – a place that holds NO significance for them””

    “”What about Israel not allowing Christian and Muslim refugees to return while allowing any Jew in the world to move there”

    “Anti Semite!!!!!!!”


  5. NetanyAhoo says:

    ”As a religious Jew I find it offensive that the Koran calls Jews the people with the greatest hatred towards Muslims”
    ”But Dave what about the hundreds of articles you’ve written attacking Islam and Muslims”

    ”Er.. Holocaust ….antisemite”


  6. Brave heart says:

    I am so brave.. a rich white man living in a majority white nation who continually attacks a largely non white poor community ( Muslims)


  7. Brave heart says:

    ”Muslims must condemn any attack done by a Muslim”

    Oh you mean like you condemn Israel Toube !


  8. Brave heart says:

    I am a staunch campaigner against racism says the staunch supporter of a racist state (Israel) worshipper of a racist singer (Morrisey) and master of an anti Arab racist (Faisal Gazi)


  9. Double standards says:

    ”Charlie Hebdo published pictures of the Prophet which greatly offend Muslims”

    ”Never mind we must supports Charlie…freedom of speech…All may speak their minds”

    ”Dieudonn√© makes the Quenelle gesture”

    ”Ban him! that’s antisemitic hate speech”


  10. Double standards says:

    ”Muslims who support democratically elected Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood are anti Jew
    But I am Pro Muslim because I support bombing and invading Muslim countries”


  11. Double standards says:

    ”Its disgraceful that CIF publishes anti Israel comments”

    ”But David what about all the comments you publish on Harry’s place stirring up hatred of Muslims”

    ”That’s different …its freedumb of speech”

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  12. Nobody wanabee bengali says:

    ”Jessie Jackson called New York ”hymietown” Wow what an anti Semite …anyway here’s an article by Melanie Phillips author of ”Londonistan”


  13. Quisling Foundation says:

    ”British Muslims need to forget about whats happening to their brethren overseas and instead create a British Islam”
    ”So Dave as a socialist no doubt you’ll be voting Labour at the forthcoming election”
    ”No way…have you seen Corbyn’s policy on Israel ?”


  14. Typical Harrys Place Commentator says:

    Isnt it disgraceful the way some Islamists indulge about conspiracy theories about us Jews. Anyway back to more important matters; how can we expel the Muslims from Europe?


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