A Fez of the Heart

As Turkey finally casts off the oppression of secular Attaturkism and re-embraces its glorious Ottoman past the anti-democratic secularists are drowning their sorrows


Captions Please

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8 Responses to A Fez of the Heart

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    A hooker reaches for a hookah


  2. Whoreiya Barehead says:

    Faisal: hick,,,hijab is bad for your health..women should be free and not cover their heads
    Leesa: yes yes now watch me put on this Fez


  3. Bigland Boy says:

    Faisal thinking ”I wonder how much I can get for her in the sex slave markets of Istanbul”


  4. Leaseher Gazi says:

    ”Leesa why are you reaching so eagerly for this hookah pipe? i thought you didnt smoke?”

    ”Oh its a pipe? sorry I thought it was Pakistani cock”


  5. Beggardesh says:

    Owner to Waiter: ‘ Watch those Bengali beggars…make sure they pay for any food before you serve them anything. Also warn the other customers to look out for their wallets”


  6. Birangona Banger says:

    Faisal : Leesa its so amazing that we haven’t had sex for years yet will still managed to have two babies that you insist are mine! How did you do it?
    Leesa ( Tommy Cooper impression). : ”Just like that”


  7. Faisal Wanabee Hindu says:

    “Hey why is there no milk in this coffee Faisal”
    “Are you kidding ? As a Hindu you think I’m going to drink the precious fluid that comes out of my God the cow?”


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