Jamaat-e-Islami: Saving the Rohingyas

They’ve been called the most persecuted people on earth. 

The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. Victims of vicious Buddhist genocide   these desperate people have sought to save their lives by seeking refuge in neighbouring ‘Bangladesh’. However the governing Awami League has been siding with  the genocidal Mynamar regime.

As in the 1971 terrorist insurgency in East Pakistan, the one party standing for justice and plural identities is the Jammat e Islami who have called for helping the Rohingyas. The Jamaat’s bravery and support for fellow Muslims been attacked by the Indian run Awami League , whose boss Narendra Modi has been similiarly anti the Rohingyas



30 August 2017, Wed

Ameer-e-Jamaat condemns mass killings against the Rohingya Muslims; urges to offer prayer on Friday

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 30th August, 2017 condemning the mass killings and genocide against the Rohingya Muslims of the neighbouring country Myanmar’s Rakhine state and simultaneously urging the fellow citizens to offer special prayer for these oppressed Rohingya Muslims on next 1st September, Friday.

“We are shocked, surprised and mournful as the authority of neighbouring country Myanmar is forcing the Rohingya Muslims of its Rakhine state to leave the country by dint of inhuman repression, particularly by carrying mass killings and genocide against them. We are vehemently condemning the Myanmar authority’s brutal and inhuman crackdown against the Rohingya Muslims. We are also expressing our highest sympathy to those oppressed Muslims and extending our solidarity.

Myanmar government is conducting the worst ever genocide against the Rohingya Muslims of the Rakhine state. Myanmar security forces are vandalizing their properties and setting fire at their villages. They are also murdering the Rohingya women, men and children indiscriminately.

They are snatching the kids away from their mother and killing those innocent kids in front of them. The military forces of Myanmar are also picking up the women and subsequently killing them mercilessly. They are raping the women like anything. There are killing the Rohingya youths at sight. In last couple of days, the security forces have killed around 8 hundred peoples.

In the frontier area of Bangladesh, particularly in Ghumdhum and Jolpaitoli, in different zero point area, by the side of the water bodies and valleys, thousands Rohingya Muslims are waiting to infiltrate into Bangladeshi territory. Many of them became sick because of starvation. The number of such awaiting Rohingya may cross 30 thousands. Many others are passing days without treatment and pain. Dead bodies of children are being found floating on the river. Even though the world conscience are not taking any effective measures to rescue them and perhaps the reason behind such indifferent attitude is the Rohingya victims are Muslims.

Under such circumstances, I am urging the Bangladesh government to open the Bangladesh border to provide them shelter just on humanitarian ground in a bid to show respect towards the oppressed community. Besides, I am calling upon the UN, OIC, all international forums and organizations, human rights watchdogs and most particularly the Muslim countries and the peace loving people around the world to create pressure upon the Myanmar government to stop ongoing massacre and genocide, to take the Rohingya Muslims back in their home, to restore their citizenship and to ensure their all out safety.

I am finally calling upon the countrymen to offer supplications and prayer to Almighty Allah on 1st September, Friday seeking protection and security of the repressed Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.”

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4 Responses to Jamaat-e-Islami: Saving the Rohingyas

  1. Faisal Wanabe Hindu says:

    Think Gazi and the Swami League have spent all their taka on Diwali fireworks so don’t have any money for the Muslim Rohingyas


  2. bayWatch says:

    Jamaat always care about Muslims …Modi’s b*tch Hasina has called for the Rohingya to be sterilised


  3. Faisal Wanabee Fascist says:

    Gazi’s a cnt who doesnt understand that ‘freedom of speech” also means people criticing him and the things he worships and believes. Thats why he tries to shut down anyone who disagreees with him


  4. bayWatch says:

    That retard Gazi probably thinks that the Saudis living thousands of miles away should help the Rohingyas more than the “Bangladeshis”. Then again geography was never his strong point…he was born in a place that didn’t exist at the time “Bangladesh”


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