Still Waters Run Deep

No doubt to the chagrin of Spittoon the Islam hating Anne Marie Waters failed to become UKIP leader.

She’s just been featured in an ITV documentary on the New Far Right,  where she, like Spittoon, focuses on the non existent ‘threat’ of Sharia.

She’s also strongly supported by Morrisey , hero of Spittoon’s boss David Toube

So who better to be the subject of latest caption competition ?.


Captions Please

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2 Responses to Still Waters Run Deep

  1. Nobody Wanabe Bengali says:

    “Anne Marie why are you so worried about the non existent threat of sharia law? ‘
    “Cause I’m set feckin ugly I’m worried the public might demand I wear a Burkha'”


  2. Paddy Thick says:

    Child marriage kills children ….why can’t Muslims be more like religious people in my native Ireland….they never harm children


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