Fifty Shades of Grievance

Astonishingly the immature, juvenile, tantrum-throwing  head of Spittoon Faisal Gazi recently turned 50 years of age. No doubt this landmark on his way to meeting his Creator has caused him to drown his sorrows.

Captions Please

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19 Responses to Fifty Shades of Grievance

  1. Nobody Wanabe Bengali says:

    ”The way these Islamists force their children to learn the Qur’an and wear hijab….it’s child abuse I tell you….child abuse…. anyway waiter more drinks for Rishi and Surraya ….they arent drunk yet…hick”


  2. Abdul says:

    He is evil!


  3. Not Abdul says:

    ”Leesa why are you laughing at your husband drinking”
    ”Cos when I drink it looks like that…except its full of Pakistani cum”


  4. Abdul Again and Again says:

    Really enjoy reading your comments


  5. Faisal ibn Pakistani Soldier says:

    Naeem ”Faisal Bhai keep drinking all the Guinesses we are buying you”
    Faisal ” But Naeem they taste funny and I dont feel well…I feel SO drowsy”
    Leesa (whispering) ” Naeem he’ll be out in 10 minutes then its into the toilets for some fungi”


  6. Faisal Gazi is a Munafiq says:

    Adbul of SpittoonWatch : Muslims who drink alcohol must be punished!
    Faisal Gazi: hick …Im not a Muslim (except when Im writing articles for neo-cons , then I pretend to be because Im a munafiq )


  7. Sharia is above any human says:

    Adbul of SpittoonWatch : Muslims who drink alcohol must be punished!
    Palestinian : But we drink alcohol!
    Adbul of SpittoonWatch : Then you must be punished. The Sharia means equality to all.. its not like ‘Bangladeshi” war crimes where only the inferior non Bengalis are punished


  8. Faisal Gazi (pretending to be Adbul of SpittoonWatch ): Muslims who drink alcohol must be punished! Non-Muslims who drink alcohol must be punished!

    Scholar of Islam: Actually in a proper Islamic state non Muslims are permitted to drink alcohol Anyone who knows the least bit about Sharia knows that.

    Faisal Gazi: Yes but I am a Jaahil munafiq coconut who knows nothing about Islam and , as my boss Sunny Hundal says, cannot read or understand anything


  9. Faisal Wanabe White says:

    Faisal Gazi at the ‘Ex Muslims for Zionism’ conference: Muslims are goat fuckers..tee hee hee…goat fuckers

    Muslim: Actually anyone who knows sharia knows that Bestiality is a capital offense. Anyway bestiality is legal in Finland and some parts of the US …even David Cameron did this disgusting act

    Faisal Gazi: Oh wait…white people are doing it ? Oh in that case …it’s great… I fully support it….why shouldnt a human and an animal marry if they are in love?


    • Abu Fasiq says:

      ”why shouldnt a human and an animal marry if they are in love?”

      so you attended Abu Faris’ wedding too !


  10. Bingo Bongo says:

    ”Mama Uncle Faisal is drunk…he is slurring his words and talking garbage”
    ”No Rishi he’s just talking Bengali”


  11. Maagi Gazi says:

    Faisal G: Tee hee Spittoon’s Abdul is a goat f*cker
    Abdul: Faisal please be more respectful and call her by her actual name- Leesa.


  12. Nobody Wanabe Bengali says:

    ”Faisal why do you hate Arabs so much?”
    ”Because millions of Bengalis are learning Arabic but no one wants to learn my shitty ‘language’ of Bengali”


    • Al Coco Nut says:

      More like
      ”Why do you hate Arabs so much?”
      ”Because I try all my life to be white but am never accepted because Im so dark…yet Muslim Arabs are accepted as white without any effort!!!”


      • Faisal Wanabe White says:

        ”Yeah true…these pathetic South Asian Islamists wanna be Arab but I dont want to be white at all though I dress, speak and live like a white guy , write and think in English and speak of Enlightenment values (though as Im a munafiq I never practice them) . God WHY wasnt I born white? Why cant I be accepted by my White Gods? Why are the Western media interviewing Islamists on TV not me and giving them space to write in western newspapers !! Wah ! Wah! Boo hoo!”

        ‘ If Malik’s book advocates anything, it is a social order based on universalist Enlightenment values, the importance of free speech and for the elevation of secular and progressive ideas within minority, particularly Muslim, communities”.

        I write as a British person who happens to be Muslim, not as a Muslim person who happens to be British.


  13. Paki Willer says:

    Soraya looking so sad thinking ”Oh God my Uncle Faisal is at it again…he’s so pathetic, so unconcerned with Spittoon Watch’s site that he’s set up a blog to answer posts on here. Why cant he get over the 1971 war ? What a loser. I cant wait till I’m old enough to marry and find a strong big Pakistani guy to look after me. Its the dream of every Bengali girl”


  14. Im a loyal British man and not AT ALL foreign or ‘Bangladeshi first” . My job ? Oh yes I work at a company that enables people to send thousands of pounds out of the UK to our homelands.


  15. fred says:

    Faisal Gazi: wow spittoon was forced offline 5 months ago yet Abdul at Spittoon Watch is STILL posting articles about us. How Pathetic.

    Also Faisal Gazi: here’s an article moaning about the 1971 war in East Pakistan which ended 47 years ago


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