The (not so) Great Satan

..Since its Ramadan here’s an Islamic question we often get asked:

Questioner: Dearest Maulana Sahib I love saying my Namaz however during the prayer I often get distracted by thoughts of shaytan.

Maulana: Hmm …even in Ramadan? …thats interesting..could you give an example ?

Questioner: Here’s a picture:


Maulana: Ah yes…We often get this question. He is one of the most persistent devils, isn’t he ? Here is an answer

Distraction during salaat (prayer) by shaitan

Our advice: Offer Prayer and drive Satan (Gazi) crazy…he hates seeing Muslims practice Islam it reminds him what he is missing and of the God-shaped hole he hasn’t filled.

Here’s a couple of videos of Gazi trying to stop a Muslim praying


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1 Response to The (not so) Great Satan

  1. Iblis says:

    Wow I must protest at this evil post. I know I’m bad…but comparing me with Faisal Gazi? That’s libellous!


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