The Mother of all Hypocrites

Faisal Gazi in public : ”ALL may speak their minds . Free Speech will dominate the world”


Here Faisal Gazi gives speech about Free speech in front of  insulting  cartoons of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasalaam)

”Mr Gazi dont you know how offensive such cartoons are to actual Muslims (not munafiqs pretending to be Muslims like you) ?”

Gazi: ”So? Muslims should just accept such abuse and learn to accept freedom of speech”

To test Mr Gazi’s claims Spittoon Watch sets up website which mocks amongst others Faisal Gazi’s family members and ‘suffering’ during the 1971 Awami League terrorist rebellion

Gazi’s reaction: he of course as a strong defender of free speech welcomes this …err no …instead  tries to get Spittoon Watch banned and then complains about people attacking his holy things  …”when I say freedom of speech all may speak their minds…I don’t mean you can attack things I don’t like. If you do I will play the pity/victim card. I can post Muslims private marriage adverts (AbdurRahman Jafar) and Facebook pictures ..but YOU can’t ”  While I will hold you as a Muslim to Islamic rules of not insulting I am not bound by any such rules! See how fair and balanced and ‘secular’ I am!


To summarise Gazi’s argument: You Muslims MUST have adab and never insult we Munafiqs in any way (especially during Ramadan !)….however we can insult you in any way we like. We only see hypocrisy in our opponents never ourselves !!!

How unenlightened

”Ultimately the Asharites, the theologians, won the day, the legacy of which affects us to this day. Traditional Muslim societies would henceforth place less spiritual value on philosophy, rational thought, and free thinking, and, perhaps most unfortunately of all, the forces of absolute power began to regard religion and state as inseparable entities. Ironically, the orthodoxy of today reject the ideals of the Enlightenment such as personal liberty and freedom of speech in a kind of perverse echo of the Asharite position of medieval times”.

and of course Spittoon never insults Muslims family members

and how did ‘Muslim’ Faisal Gazi react when Ayesha the mother of the believers was insulted ? Of course he supported THAT!

In the last third of the book in, Malik delves into the restrictions of free speech in the post-Rushdie world. As Hanif Qureishi puts it, “Nobody would have the balls today to write The Satanic Verses, let alone publish it. Writing now is timid because writers are terrified”.  He is probably right when you consider the Muhammad cartoons scandal and Random House’s decision to retract the publication of Sherry Jones’ novel The Jewel of Medina, based on a message thread on an online discussion forum.

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4 Responses to The Mother of all Hypocrites

  1. Fukthi Bahini says:

    1. Since Gazi’s mother was around 33 years old in 1971 and since Awami Leagues claim the Pakistani army committed mass rape its safe to assume that she took a great deal of Punjabi cock…unless of course the whole fiction of ‘mass rape’ is a lie and the heretic Sarmila Bose is right

    2. Gazi constantly campaigns against Muslim women wearing the hijab (”Hijab is bad for your health”) yet hilariously hasnt managed to convince his OWN mother not to wear one 🙂 🙂


  2. One Law for All says:

    Faisal Gazi: Abdul the Islamist is a goat f*cker
    also Faisal Gazi: how dare you mock my mother and suggest she sucked Pakistani cock in 1971!


  3. Faisal's Free Speech Farce says:

    ‘All may speak their minds” …unless they want to mock Faisal Gazi’s personal taboo such as the fake mass rape of Bengali women during the 1971 anti-terrorist operation in East Pakistan…THAT must be banned 🙂 🙂 🙂


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