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Prophet of Rage

It’s Rabi ul Awwal.  The month when many Muslims around the world celebrate the blessed birth of our  Prophet Muhammed (sallAllahu alayhi wasalaam).  Nearly all Muslims celebrate this except the radical Wahabbi sect. Will typical Wahabbi Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi be … Continue reading

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Council of Despair

Caption Competition time. It’s Easter the time of spring and rebirths. However one person who won’t be returning is Council of ex-Muslims’ Irtaza Hussein who ‘tragically’ took his own life recently. The CEMB of course have had several of their … Continue reading

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”I take a strong line against religious fundamentalism..Multiculturalism and restrictions on free speech”.

So said Spittoon’s free speech warrior Faisal Gazi : I write on a range of issues related to politics, secularism and religious identity. I take a strong line against religious fundamentalism, political Islam, Multiculturalism and restrictions on free speech. reading

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Never speak ill of the dead?

Is it right to speak ill of the dead?  There has been much discussion in Britain recently with the death of Margaret Thatcher. Given the complete lack of activity over at Al Spittoon – it’s last post was on March … Continue reading

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Spittoon’s Prophet and loss account

Keeps going further into the red.It’s latest effort being Support Charlie Hebdo Not content with insulting just the blessed Prophet Muhammed (Allah bless him and give him peace), the vile drunkard Abu Faris (Abu Fasiq) insults the blessed Prophet Jesus … Continue reading

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Insulting the Qur’an vs Insulting Faisal Gazi

As we know Faisal Gazi does not allow any criticism of himself to be posted on Spittoon whilst allowing the most vicious attacks on the Sacred symbols and personalities of Islam. All the while , of course in typical munafiq … Continue reading

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Support Usama Hasan

We at SW like to think of ourselves as a fair lot, unlike the biased hate-filled extremists we watch. So it’s only right that we point out a GOOD article published by Spittoon- this defence of Dr Usama Hasan beleaguered … Continue reading

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