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Still Waters Run Deep

No doubt to the chagrin of Spittoon the Islam hating Anne Marie Waters failed to become UKIP leader. She’s just been featured in an ITV documentary on the New Far Right,  where she, like Spittoon, focuses on the non existent ‘threat’ of Sharia. … Continue reading

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Eid Hosni Mubarak

ঈদমুবারক to all!….its been a long, long fast this Summer as this Sun worshipper in Egypt illustrates Captions Please

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A Fez of the Heart

As Turkey finally casts off the oppression of secular Attaturkism and re-embraces its glorious Ottoman past the anti-democratic secularists are drowning their sorrows Captions Please

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Neo Conned

As Donald Trump fills his cabinet with their members the neo-cons must be celebrating Captions Please

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To be a Pilgrim

It is the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah and as millions of Muslims make the holy obligatory pilgrimage to Makkah to visit the Kaaba and maybe kiss the black stone . Spitoon’s Faisal Gazi is likewise making a trip obligated by … Continue reading

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”I’m an apostate, get me out of here!”

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches the shayateen  (in orange) try to escape . Captions please. ”Where’s the exit ?”  

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Male Rape in the 1971 war ?

It’s April Fool’s day , a day of deceit and trickery, . So how better to commemorate it then a caption competition about possibly the greatest fraud in history?. The mythical urban myth  of mass rape  during the Pakistani army’s 1971 anti-terrorism action in East … Continue reading

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