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Neo Conned

As Donald Trump fills his cabinet with their members the neo-cons must be celebrating Captions Please

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Free Speech won’t dominate ‘Bangladesh’

All May Speak Their Minds! So claimed Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi publically Though as we know Mr Gazi is a complete hypocrite who has a long record of stifiling speech he doesnt like. Because you see Mr Gazi’s view of freedom … Continue reading

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Heil Harry !

It’s July the 11th the anniversary of the worst massacre in Europe since WWII in Srebrenica when the Bosnian Serbs carried out the Spittoon/Harry’s Place plan to make Conditions for Muslims in Europe harder across the board. So to celebrate … Continue reading

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Now who should Muslims trust again?

How about a Zionist extremist who goes to anti-Muslim tabloids with stories designed to whip up hatred of Muslims ,who publically attacks Muslims for defending themselves against genocide and has written hundreds of anti-Muslim articles? Or how about a self … Continue reading

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The Past is a Foreign Country….

“they do things differently there”. So said the writer L.P Hartley And as Spittoon honcho Faisal Gazi said about his own foreign country, “Bangladesh”: “I went back to Bangladesh in 1991 to see if I could use the skills I’d … Continue reading

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From the Vaults: Faisal Gazi’s Uncle killed in East Pakistan!

1st March 1971 We are recieving fantastic news that the Khawarij uncle of Faisal Gazi has been knocked off by moderate forces loyal to the government of East Pakistan! As a member of the extremist, Nazi , Awami League Mr … Continue reading

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All may speak their minds…

Another caption competition featuring you-know-who and his master’s voice David Toube of Harrys Place

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