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” the belief is that the modus operandi used over The Spittoon has continued to undermine critics”.

An excellent expose by noted Muslim moderate Mo Ansar on how teaming up with Islam and Muslim haters such as Al Spittoon and Douglas Murray has led to the failed ”War on Muslim Radicalisation” ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Mohammed Ansar Political and Social … Continue reading

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”Conditions for Christians in Iraq must be made harder……”

The takfiri extremists of ISIS have apparently been making life very hard for Iraqi Christians and Yazidis  suffering under their rule. Defender of minorities (if they are non Muslim) Faisal Gazi is outraged. He has even changed his Facebook profile … Continue reading

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”My Kingdom for a (Trojan) Horse”

  It’s been THE big ,  latest anti-Muslim story in the UK. Education Secretary Micheal Gove‘s investigation into a fictitious ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by ”extremists” to take over schools in Birmingham. So where has Spittoon been while all this potential anti-Muslim demonisation has … Continue reading

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