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The Ugliness of the Bengali language

It’s recently been  International Mother Language Dayat the UN. Who on earth was behind this stupid idea? ”The idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day was the initiative of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the 21 February is the anniversary of the … Continue reading

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The Fast and the Furious

Eid Mubarak! Sadly the end of the blessed month of Ramadan means the angry shaytanain  (in red) have been released.   Captions Please

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The Mother of all Hypocrites

Faisal Gazi in public : ”ALL may speak their minds . Free Speech will dominate the world” Here Faisal Gazi gives speech about Free speech in front of  insulting  cartoons of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasalaam) ”Mr Gazi dont you … Continue reading

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The (not so) Great Satan

..Since its Ramadan here’s an Islamic question we often get asked: Questioner: Dearest Maulana Sahib I love saying my Namaz however during the prayer I often get distracted by thoughts of shaytan. Maulana: Hmm …even in Ramadan? …thats interesting..could you … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Grievance

Astonishingly the immature, juvenile, tantrum-throwing  head of Spittoon Faisal Gazi recently turned 50 years of age. No doubt this landmark on his way to meeting his Creator has caused him to drown his sorrows. Captions Please

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To be a Pilgrim

It is the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah and as millions of Muslims make the holy obligatory pilgrimage to Makkah to visit the Kaaba and maybe kiss the black stone . Spitoon’s Faisal Gazi is likewise making a trip obligated by … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: ”the turd with a smile”

A hilariously accurate assessment of Mr Gazi over at the Intellectual Muslim Our latest competition: Can you think of a similar, pithy description of Der Spittoon’s Fuhrer?

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