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Still Waters Run Deep

No doubt to the chagrin of Spittoon the Islam hating Anne Marie Waters failed to become UKIP leader. She’s just been featured in an ITV documentary on the New Far Right,  where she, like Spittoon, focuses on the non existent ‘threat’ of Sharia. … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather ….

Following the shock election of Donald Trump reaction from the Muslim world has been understandably negative .  It’s not just Muslims who are appalled by a fascist  becoming president – even the ambassador of Secular France tweeted this. However the leader of one … Continue reading

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Wacko Jacko ?

Well, well it seems the heat is increasing on the far right neo-con Henry Jackson Society. The SNP has called for Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy to cut his ties with the extremist outfit. It’s attempt at House of Commons’ … Continue reading

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” the belief is that the modus operandi used over The Spittoon has continued to undermine critics”.

An excellent expose by noted Muslim moderate Mo Ansar on how teaming up with Islam and Muslim haters such as Al Spittoon and Douglas Murray has led to the failed ”War on Muslim Radicalisation” ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Mohammed Ansar Political and Social … Continue reading

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”Conditions for Christians in Iraq must be made harder……”

The takfiri extremists of ISIS have apparently been making life very hard for Iraqi Christians and Yazidis  suffering under their rule. Defender of minorities (if they are non Muslim) Faisal Gazi is outraged. He has even changed his Facebook profile … Continue reading

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Gazi’s Gaza Gap

It’s been THE big story in the news at the moment. Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent women and children. So what has been Al Spittoon’s response? Zero articles. Though to … Continue reading

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Jewish hate of Arabs

This article published by the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz says something that Faisal Gazi, Spittoon and Harrys Place are incapable of.     Jewish hate of Arabs proves: Israel must undergo cultural revolution Without a revolution based on humanist values, the … Continue reading

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