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The Mother of all Hypocrites

Faisal Gazi in public : ”ALL may speak their minds . Free Speech will dominate the world” Here Faisal Gazi gives speech about Free speech in front of  insulting  cartoons of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasalaam) ”Mr Gazi dont you … Continue reading

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The Islamic Republic of (East) Pakistan

An article from that well known leftie rag The Economist on the increased Islamisation of ‘Bangladeshi’ society under the rule of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Oh wait…   Bangladesh’s prime minister uses piety to mask misrule But the Islamists she is courting … Continue reading

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Deafening Silence and the Intolerable Hypocrisy by Liberals and Intellectuals

A brilliant article by ex-Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Ajmal Masroor on the incredible hypocrisy of liberals (including the liberals at Spittoon) over the current reign of terror taking place in East Pakistan:   Deafening Silence and the Intolerable Hypocrisy by … Continue reading

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A Right Charlie!

It’s been THE big news topic of the moment. The shocking murder of journalists in France. They were ostentisibly killed because they mocked the Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him). As well as a huge protest march in France the attack has … Continue reading

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Slut Walk

It’s been the big news in religion in the UK. The appearance of signs asking women to walk on one side of the road in Haredi Jewish areas. Of course the ‘‘equal oppurtunity anti extremists’ at Spittoon have extensively … Continue reading

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”Conditions for Christians in Iraq must be made harder……”

The takfiri extremists of ISIS have apparently been making life very hard for Iraqi Christians and Yazidis  suffering under their rule. Defender of minorities (if they are non Muslim) Faisal Gazi is outraged. He has even changed his Facebook profile … Continue reading

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Faisal of Arabia

So El Spittoon has FINALLY responded to the crisis in the Middle East with a post : ”Why do Syrian and Iraqi deaths no longer matter?” Yes that’s right folks Faisal Gazi is upset about the deaths of Arabs in … Continue reading

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