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No Blacks Please. We’re Bengali.

Spittoon has an article on the banning by the AwamiNazi League in ‘Bangladesh’ of the popular Muslim speaker Bilal Phillips. As as a strong believer that All Make Speak Their Minds and Secular Democracy protects Religious Freedom, Faisal Gazi is appalled … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: Defender of South Asian Muslims?

One would imagine so, with recent posts on Spittoon such as More Arab Racism against South Asians However this post is not so much pro-South Asian as anti-Arab. Attitude to South Asian Muslims So what is the real attitude of … Continue reading

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More Royal than the King

During the long period of the Judeo–Christian transatlantic slave trade of African Muslims two types of slaves existed: The House slave and the Field Slave. As the great Muslim revolutionary Malcolm X explained: Back during slavery, when Black people like … Continue reading

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Mian Kampf

As we know the racist state of ‘Bangladesh’ under the Awami League continues to resemble Nazi Germany . This is no surprise as the founder of ‘Bangladesh’ Mujibur Rahman was the new Hitler and the following book is a best seller … Continue reading

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“Faisal Gazi: anti-racism activist”

Yes we chuckled too when we read it, but here it is. Apparently in the world of the neo-cons a vicious anti-Arab racist can be an “anti-racism activist”. This got us thinking, so we’ve decided to create a competition: “Faisal … Continue reading

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Is a city in Mr Gazi’s birth place Pakistan Its also a good summary of his understanding of the country, as a couple of recent posts show. For example in Jamaat seeks Presidential pardon for Mumtaz Qadri He falsely writes … Continue reading

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What a load of Kabul

…The Spittoon writes about Afghanistan! They are at it again with a racist, misogynist attack on Madeline Bunting of the Guardian:Afghan Women vs rich, white, middle-class feminists They bring forth the following witness : “Consider this comment by Fawzia Koofi, … Continue reading

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