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The (not so) Great Satan

..Since its Ramadan here’s an Islamic question we often get asked: Questioner: Dearest Maulana Sahib I love saying my Namaz however during the prayer I often get distracted by thoughts of shaytan. Maulana: Hmm …even in Ramadan? …thats interesting..could you … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: ”the turd with a smile”

A hilariously accurate assessment of Mr Gazi over at the Intellectual Muslim Our latest competition: Can you think of a similar, pithy description of Der Spittoon’s Fuhrer?

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Male Rape in the 1971 war ?

It’s April Fool’s day , a day of deceit and trickery, . So how better to commemorate it then a caption competition about possibly the greatest fraud in history?. The mythical urban myth  of mass rape  during the Pakistani army’s 1971 anti-terrorism action in East … Continue reading

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Maajid Nawaz: A global culture to fight extremism

We here at Spittoon Watch do tend to give Al Spittoon a hard time. However we like to think of ourselves as a fair minded bunch. Therefore we must admit that sometimes the site we critique does post interesting articles. So … Continue reading

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The Commercialisation of the 1971 war

It’s Christmas! The time of year when a festival nominally invented to celebrate the life of one of the greatest ascetics who ever lived , Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), loved not just by Christians  but also Muslims  (though … Continue reading

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”Conditions for Christians in Iraq must be made harder……”

The takfiri extremists of ISIS have apparently been making life very hard for Iraqi Christians and Yazidis  suffering under their rule. Defender of minorities (if they are non Muslim) Faisal Gazi is outraged. He has even changed his Facebook profile … Continue reading

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Bigland Boy on “the racism of the Bengali sheep who cried Pakistani oppression”

Bigland Boy has a missive directed at those worthy “anti-Pakistan ” and so called “anti-Bengali racism” merchants who intentionally occlude the issues of calls for genocide against Muslim women and Muslim minorities in non Muslim-majority societies and countries which they live … Continue reading

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