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The Islamic Republic of (East) Pakistan

An article from that well known leftie rag The Economist on the increased Islamisation of ‘Bangladeshi’ society under the rule of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Oh wait…   Bangladesh’s prime minister uses piety to mask misrule But the Islamists she is courting … Continue reading

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Secularism won’t dominate ‘Bangladesh’

Some welcome news…. ‘Bangladesh’ rejects petition to remove Islam as state religion ‘Bangladesh’ will keep Islam as its state religion following nationwide protest again secularist petition Elsa Vulliamy Monday 28 March 2016 Bangladeshi Islamist leaders celebrate the High Court ruling … Continue reading

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I know you want it…

An Islamic state that is (don’t be so Thicke) Its caption competition time and this week its the lovely Natasha Fatah daughter of Tarek Fatah, (currently being argued about on Al Spittoon’s ”Why do Syrian and Iraqi deaths no longer … Continue reading

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Kenan the Barbarian

As we know Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi has something of a hard on for popular coconut intellectual Kenan Malik Indeed one of fringe extremist Gazi’s few forays into the mainstream media was this fawning cock sucking article in praise of the … Continue reading

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