banana brain on a plane !

Like us you’ve probably been wondering what El Spittoon’s obscurantist, caps lock phobic commentator banana brain looks like.

Well mazel tov folks wait no more…we’ve been sent this video of him using that most modern of technologies an aeroplane 

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5 Responses to banana brain on a plane !

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:


    let’s hope i can successfully hide from faisal , abu faris and the rest of those ignorant spittoon goyim using this bag


  2. Genrikh Yagoda says:

    I have to wear this whenever I fly across dead bodies and since this flight is going over Bangladesh I REALLY need it– that hellhole is full of corpses!!!!


  3. Mongol Bongol says:

    Here’s a naughty picture I took of bananabrain’s wife after having my way with her 😉


  4. Bigland Boy says:

    Hey Mongol Bongol is she a Frum that takes it up the bum 😉 ?


  5. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Mongol given what bananabrain looks like

    it’s no wonder she’s fooling around !!!


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