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The Mukti Bahini’s genocide of Non-Bengalis

A reminder of the anniversary of the worst genocide in modern times- the genocide of non Bengalis during the 1971 terrorist revolt by Bengali Extremists in East Pakistan Tales of survivors: 1971 war, the ordeal of the non-Bengalis By Farrukh Kamrani … Continue reading

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Still Waters Run Deep

No doubt to the chagrin of Spittoon the Islam hating Anne Marie Waters failed to become UKIP leader. She’s just been featured in an ITV documentary on the New Far Right,  where she, like Spittoon, focuses on the non existent ‘threat’ of Sharia. … Continue reading

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Spittoon’s ‘Social Cohesion’

A brilliant refutation of Spittoon boss Douglas Murray. This is a cross post from  Philosophy for Life  MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017 Douglas Murray’s holy war on Islam St James Matamoros (killer of Muslims), hero of the Spanish re-conquest   After the … Continue reading

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Jamaat-e-Islami: Saving the Rohingyas

They’ve been called the most persecuted people on earth.  The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. Victims of vicious Buddhist genocide   these desperate people have sought to save their lives by seeking refuge in neighbouring ‘Bangladesh’. However the governing Awami League has been siding with  the genocidal … Continue reading

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The Islamic Republic of (East) Pakistan

An article from that well known leftie rag The Economist on the increased Islamisation of ‘Bangladeshi’ society under the rule of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Oh wait…   Bangladesh’s prime minister uses piety to mask misrule But the Islamists she is courting … Continue reading

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Eid Hosni Mubarak

ঈদমুবারক to all!….its been a long, long fast this Summer as this Sun worshipper in Egypt illustrates Captions Please

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A Fez of the Heart

As Turkey finally casts off the oppression of secular Attaturkism and re-embraces its glorious Ottoman past the anti-democratic secularists are drowning their sorrows Captions Please

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