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Faisal Gazi is a liberal because…

Spittoon’s boss Faisal Gazi presents himself as liberal Faisal G. Gazi (born 14 April 1968) is an IT consultant from Woodford in North-West London who comments on Islam and secularism. He claims to hold liberal views, saying that he writes in … Continue reading

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The Hibernating Heretic

Well after a full 6 months without a post (last post was Eid Mubarak 2013 on October 16 2013)  Al Spittoon is back with a vengeance with no less than 3 (count ’em) new posts. And as befits these ”equal–opportunity anti-extremists” they … Continue reading

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Council of Despair

Caption Competition time. It’s Easter the time of spring and rebirths. However one person who won’t be returning is Council of ex-Muslims’ Irtaza Hussein who ‘tragically’ took his own life recently. The CEMB of course have had several of their … Continue reading

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The (Sexual) Liberation War of 1971

Bengali women. Some of the hottest women on the planet. Unfortunately for them as well as having to live in the shit hole that is ‘Bangladesh’ they also only have the choice of Bengali men as partners : ‘Men’ who … Continue reading

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”The case of ‘Bangladesh’ stands out as a unique case of humanity’s failure to translate its ideal of tolerance into politics of daily life”.

Who said the failed basket case nation of ‘Bangladesh’ had never achieved anything? Bangladesh: The lost cause of forgiveness amidst death sentences In time of violence and revenge can we imagine a pure forgiveness, an unconditional reconciliation, and a hospitable … Continue reading

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