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Spittoon’s Selective MEMRI

is in clear evidence in its latest post. It is quoting from extremist MEMRI site: Everything you always wanted to know about sex with children (but were afraid to ask) As Brian Whitaker of the Guardian said “The second thing … Continue reading

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Open Joke Competition (results)

Well here they are! The results of our first ever Open Joke Competition. Thanks to all who contributed. In true socialist Awami League style there are no winners; everyone is equally a loser!: Theres a Russian, a Cuban, a Pakistani … Continue reading

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Beggardesh goes nuclear!

Pity poor Bangladesh.. Sorry East Pakistan. Since it’s split from Pakistan in 1971 to become a colony of India the country, dubbed a basket case by Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger, has gone from disaster to disaster. To quote: … Continue reading

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Muslim haters distance themselves from Breivik

As Anders Behring Breivik, the anti-immigrant extremist who has admitted to killing 77 people in a rampage in Norway last summer, appears in court Muslim haters have been seeking to distance themselves from his actions: Islamophobes distance themselves from Breivik: … Continue reading

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Spittoon’s Prophet and loss account

Keeps going further into the red.It’s latest effort being Support Charlie Hebdo Not content with insulting just the blessed Prophet Muhammed (Allah bless him and give him peace), the vile drunkard Abu Faris (Abu Fasiq) insults the blessed Prophet Jesus … Continue reading

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We aren’t Robert Spencer…honest!

In the wake of the brilliant Spinwatch expose Spitton has been defending itself: apparently we’re all robert spencer now, according to the weasels at “spinwatch” “perhaps we should not be surprised that dr miller can’t tell the difference between islamists … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs (Gazi)

As we await the results of our eagerly awaited inaugural Open Joke competition, lets settle down with a nice Bollywood movie: Mr and Mrs Gazi! BOMBAY-TV / sw / Subtitle movie.

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