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Faisal Gazi’s hatred for Islam

Everyone loves the Sufis. They are the spiritual, peaceful side of Islam. Maulana Rumi (may God sanctify his secret) is the best selling poet in America. Even the absurd Jai of Pickled Politics writes articles in praise of them. Everyone … Continue reading

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Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder……

At SW we love our caption competitions. Here’s another one featuring Douglas ‘Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder’ Murray boss of Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed at the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) (sic) with the media’s favourite Muslim … Continue reading

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Kufr of Spittoon (part 6)

More kufr this time from the article The Victimisation of Moderate Muslims. Spittoon accuses the author of the Quran (God) of being ignorant. Anyone who doesn’t believe the Quran is divine is a non-Muslim: ‘So when Abrahamic faiths talk of … Continue reading

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Support Usama Hasan

We at SW like to think of ourselves as a fair lot, unlike the biased hate-filled extremists we watch. So it’s only right that we point out a GOOD article published by Spittoon- this defence of Dr Usama Hasan beleaguered … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi Flees Bangladesh

Original article : Members of Bangladesh’s secular class are not well known for bucking popular consensus especially if it means not siding with Bangladesh’s microscopic wealthy minority to repeal its toxic poverty (and discrimination against non-Bengalis). One notable and … Continue reading

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Liberty, if it means anything…

Another caption competition this time featuring TWO pictures…of Spittoon honchos and Islamophobes, obsessive Muslim-hater David Toube and Peter Tatchell. Comments please and remember to mention which picture you’re commenting on. Picture A) Picture B)

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Muslim haters deny the existence of anti-Muslim hatred!

Conservative chairwoman Baroness Sayedda Warsi has caused headlines recently with her comments that anti-Muslim bigotry in Britain has become acceptable. Even the right-wing Daily Telegraph had an article by Peter Osbourne agreeing with her . The ever excellent Sunny Hundal … Continue reading

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