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The Trials of Faisal Gazi

As we know the basket case that is Bangladesh suffers from extreme poverty and environmental catastrophe. Yet despite this the AwamNazi League regime is wasting the country’s meagre resources launching a war crimes vendetta against anti-Nazi forces who in 1971 … Continue reading

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Al Spittoon Meme Competition

A first here at SW! Our inaugaral Meme competition! For it we’ve chosen the Y U No Meme: Here are some sites to help you: Y U NO meme generator 1 Y U NO meme generator 2 Y U NO … Continue reading

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Mian Kampf

As we know the racist state of ‘Bangladesh’ under the Awami League continues to resemble Nazi Germany . This is no surprise as the founder of ‘Bangladesh’ Mujibur Rahman was the new HitlerĀ and the following book is a best seller … Continue reading

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