The Birangona leading the Blind

As the latest performance of Leesa Gazi’s play on the  fictional mass rape of Bengali women airs what better time than to have a caption competition dedicated to it?

Captions please -and remember  ”Muzzle Me Not”


Why Is Gang Rape and Child Rape Skyrocketing in Bangladesh?

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3 Responses to The Birangona leading the Blind

  1. Babu Wanabe Hindu says:

    Birangona: Over there that’s where it happened
    Leesa: So that’s where you were raped by Pakistani soldiers. That is so horrible!
    Birangona: Rape? Nah that;s pure lies and propaganda, as Sarmila Bose has proved.
    Leesa: But I was brought up to believe that it was true! So what happened over there?
    Birangona: It is a truly historic site- someone from Bangladesh once ate some food there!
    Leesa: Someone in Bangladesh eating food??? Now THAT I really can’t believe.


  2. Mir Jafar says:

    Leesa: I’m here to listen to your story about how you were raped by the evil Jamaati Islamists
    Birangona: But that’s not what happened -it’s a lie as Sarmila Bose has shown
    Leesa: (Shh!) You and I know that but if I say it I wont get funding from the anti-Muslim billionaires who stir up hatred of Muslims in the west!


  3. RS says:

    Pakland troops were extremely courageous.


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